Linnea Devon

A half-fairy Regency noblewoman


Linnea Devon is the half-fairy offspring of Lord Thomas Devon and an Aurae who poses as a muse called Erianthe. Born May 7, 1779, she is currently 16 years old. At 5’1 and under a hundred pounds, she is little and delicate, though with a promising figure. Ivory skinned, with hair so dark a red it is almost violet in certain lights, and with eyes that shift through moods like water, she is a striking creature.

Name Enfleshed: Linnea was not conceived normally. She was created out of a part of her mother’s True Name, wound in with complex magical ceremony and nine months of a mortal woman’s life. This gives her a measure of her mother’s power, a link with the fairy who created her, and leaves her vunerable to being controlled, as that part of her mother’s Name could be used to command her.

Ensouled: Linnea possesses a quarter-part of her mortal father’s soul. This gives her a conscience.

Universal Language Recognition: Linnea is capable of reading all written messages, so long as there is meaning inherant behind the marks.

Travel on the Winds: As a granddaughter of the North Wind, Linnea is able to travel betwinx worlds and times, wherever true winds may touch. She touches this whenever she reaches a point of clarity and disassociation with her surroundings that is capable of loosing her moorings in reality. She usually finds this state when reading, embroidering, or working especially tricky logic puzzles.

Contract: If matters are sworn conditionally to Linnea, with agreement thrice spoken, both she and the one she has contracted to her are bound to perform the task as agreed. Breach in Contract from the one she has made agreement with will undo all parts of the matter that can be, and make other parts fall ill. Breach on her own is incredibly difficult, and makes her subconsciously try to fufil the conditions anyway.

Command: Linnea has an inherant ability to Command others, strengthened by the intensity of her desire that they heed. She is unaware of this, so it usually manifests when she is especially worried over someone, or frightened.

Affinity to Enchantment and Scrying: As part of the Winds, Linnea is exceptionally talented at the casting of spells of enchantment and divination.

Affinity to Magic: Linnea has a natural ability to learn and use magicks, due to her Aurae blood.

Entrancing Visage: The longer one inclined to be attracted to Linnea looks on her, the more beautiful and fascinating she seems. This uncontrolled, unconscious ability also emphasises the impressions others have of her, making her seem flirtatious, or menacing, or seductive, as they would see it in her, intermittently.

Glamours of Temperment: With a great force of will, Linnea can force impressions on others related to senses of emotion, such as an air of confidence, a greater strength or calm she does not actually possess, or an air of reassurance.

Fae Sensitivities: Linnea is incredibly sensitive to silver, holy water, blessed objects, and church bells. Silver and holy water will burn her flesh, weaken her inherant magic, weaken her health, and can be incorporated into wards to keep her from entering or leaving places. Blessed objects will burn her or weaken her influence on others, in the hands of the faithful. The sound of church bells renders her weak and make her half-maddened, sickening her and breaking her will.

Incompletely Enfleshed: Until Linnea reaches the age of eighteen, she is incompletely bound into her mortal body. Consequently, her health is incredibly delicate, and she is inclined to bouts of sickness at least provocation. She is also a bit weak-stomached, so medicines will often come up rather than help her out.

Order of the Fae: Despite their chaotic demeanors, Faerie are creatures of Law, which makes expression difficult for them. Linnea, consequently, cannot actually manage to evoke emotion or randomness in her art. Her voice is technically good but emotionless, her painting and drawing are all somehow diagram like, and her embroidery seems almost machined.

Other: Linnea is by nature a highly intelligent young woman. She has mastered 26 languages (written and spoken), is accomplished at higher maths, has a deep knowledge of philosophy and a good grasp of science of the late 18th century. She is exceptional at guiding others in artistic matters, as she has been highly trained, though she is unable to add expression to her own work. She is also a master-class chess player, and quite accomplished at checkers.

Languages Known: English, Welsh, Gaelic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Attic Greek, Latin, Urdu, ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Aramaic, Arabic, Swahili, Persian, Amharic, etc (will list others later.)


Linnea Devon is the daughter of the famed artist Lord Thomas Devon and one of the Daughters of the Wind, a powerful fae spirit who calls herself Erianthe. Erianthe would be classified as an Aurae, or nymph of the air, whose work is that of a Muse, bestowing inspiration to the artistically gifted.

The girl was created due to her mother’s desire to have some part of herself able to create works of art, even as her pet artists did. However, the fae nature overcame the element of her incredibly gifted father, leaving her with very little actual talent. This has been a source of frustration to “Erianthe” since the creature finally realized Linnea would give her no great works.

Linnea is incredibly beautiful, with her fae mother’s eyes and her human father’s scarlet hair and fair complexion. Innocent, kind, strong-willed, and firey tempered, this young early Regency woman holds herself to storybook ideals of honor and rectitude. She does what she can to cope with the strange places her gifts take her, for she is often swept away without knowing what passes.

Linnea’s home life is a bit chaotic. Her noble father had actually, literally wed her fae mother, who took on a human persona to live beside him as. However, he was crippled by an ‘accident’ when the girl was eleven, and rendered unable to sculpt or paint anymore. Her mother stayed only long enough to ascertain that Linnea herself would never be the artist she sought, then left the girl with Thomas, declaring her “too human” for her to keep. Her father loved her dearly, and did what he could to care for her, but hardly understood her strange gifts or knew how to help her.

The girl does not understand the true ways of the world. Trusting and adoring her parents, she is only beginning to learn the true nature of the heartless Aurae her mother, and finds herself bewildered by her own talents. She is well versed in storybook rules, and tries to use them to help her through the situations her random travels throw her into, but these can only take her so far.

After being kidnapped by two men met on some of her frequent involuntary rambles in other lands, Linnea has become entangled in the life of the disowned prince of a fallen kingdom named Gwion n’Liana d’Kanace, a former member of the Kanascan knighthood. He is, in his own way, as much guided by storybook ideals as Linnea herself.

Linnea Devon

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