Kiara n'Liana a'Sarah d'Tvygar a'ni Kanace

Erstwhile Prophet-Queen of Tivar, youngest Princess of Kanace, Refined Spirit, William's wife


Aka Kiara Kagae d’Kanace
Kiara is just shy of 21. She is just under 5’, delicate, beautiful, and extremely fair. Her long, flaxen hair falls past her knees, silky and straight, and her face is fine featured, a heart-shaped one with wide, dark eyes so rich and deep a violet brown that they are like twilight warmed faintly with light, or rainbow obsidian. She is fragile, delicate, and slim framed.

She was recently widowed.

Children: (By her husband, William)

Liran: Daughter, 5. Perfected Moonchild.
Cecila: Daughter, 3. Enhanced Moonchild.
Brion: Son, 2. Moonchild (first male)

Moonchild- One of the rare prophet-born children of the Line of Jacobus, an expression of the Aurae blood that stirs within them more in tune with the Winds of fate than most. Short-lived, sickly, true-breeding…Moonchildren’s daughters always express the Moonchild trait. The only other children of the Line of Jacobus who produce Moonchildren are the firstborn sons, and this only in one in twenty of their children. They are always female. They are always pale, and fair haired, though some have eyes that fade to silver, and others eyes that go nearly black.

Oracle- Sometimes acts as the Mouthpiece of the Wind, speaking cryptic statements relating to the past, future, or present. Most common during the three days of the full. Can be drawn forth at other times with use of hallucinogenic preparations and focused with special ceremony known to the Kanacan Sisterhood of Mages.

Prophetess- Possessed of otherworldly knowledge and able to give prophecy, strongest during the full moon.

Tests of Truth- A complex series of different effects, including: Linking into another and seeing motivations for what they are, a sense for the actual shifts in breathing and heart rate that accompany falsehood (lesser truth), a telemetric ability to tap into items and understand what has passed around them, and Judgement: varying degrees of focus and destruction she can work on the mind. (Judgement can go from merely being unaware of the intimate link of minds to utter destruction of a mind, with middle ground moving between enhancement of traits to mild discouraging through nightmare or ill mental stimuli to a whole range of matters.)

Enchantress- A strong gift with Enchantment comes with the Kanace blood, and moreso in the rare Moonchildren. Kia is no untrained talent. With a touch, she could make a man’s mind her plaything if she were so inclined, though she treats the matter quite seriously.

Diviner- Her gifts help her attune to scries better. She is an apt diviner and a powerful focal point in circle-divinations, a potent leader.

Touch-The touch of bare skin is another form of sight to her. She can see matters about people and objects both, more strongly during the full, least during the new moon.

Shorter Lifespan- Kiara has only a natural lifespan of 30 years, with normal aging. Moonchildren simply tend to fade away slowly once they reach their mid twenties.

The Wind’s Voice- A touch of the refined and rarefied power of the Aurae who birthed her family line, that comes through in moments. A powerful thing that can reach through chaos of madness to pull a man back, or entrance the masses, or reassure the lost. It is a neutral power, primal, ancient, and only sometimes colored at all by Kiara’s naturally sweet personality and kind heart.

Epileptic- Kiara is an epileptic. She experiences seizures of varying degree sometimes when overstressed or pushed too far in use of her power. (Currently suppressed)

Incompletely Enfleshed- The most powerful of Aurae-blooded daughters tend to have this issue. It leads to poor health, for the body and soul are not fully tied together.

White Kokari Bond- Many of Kiara’s physical ailments are now subdued due to her death and resurrection through the White Kokari, an item of power that gives her access to healing and holy magics and will keep her alive indefinitely, forever young, until it breaks its bond with her.


Kiara was the daughter of Liana Dior and Jacobus Quartis of Kanace, his twenty-second nominal child and alleged twelfth daughter. (Twenty one of the children were legitimate, and eleven of the daughters) She was proven as Moonchild at the age of three, and began her training as an oracle and diviner with them soon after. Her mother was poisoned shortly before the findings of the testing were made public.

Born aware, Kiara was able to speak at an exceptionally young age, though her physical development was slow. She was a cheerful babe, if fussy during the full moon, and though her delicate health had many certain she would die young, she was well loved. Her shaking fits were most often brought on by stress or more potent manifestations of her gifts of prophecy. She never quite cared for sleeping, and was always an early riser.

Her early years were marked by a curious dichtomy of use and sheltering. She rarely left the Ivory Palace of Haven, save to serve the needs of the Cardinal Directions, high mages of Kanace. She was given all she might desire, sheltered tenderly from all ills, and yet suffered being set before criminals to see their very souls and render harsh judgement of washing away their very mind or absolve the innocent with testimony of whether or not they were guilty or could be redeemed. Her stepmother feared her as though her visions were contagious, while her brothers and sisters both loved her and were puzzled by her ways. She was preserved from harm and carefully tended only to be thrown into vision state and heavily drugged in her moontime to stir prophecy or guide powerful scries.

Kiara hardly knew her father, but always viewed her eldest brother, Jacobus Quintis, as a father-figure and loved him most of all her siblings. He and her youngest brother, Gwion, were most precious to her, and she would take full advantage of the fact they adored her in turn. What she never told others outside of her consultations was that, of all who were near her, it was them she did not hear the unnamable death that she could sense approaching for the others.

The young Moonchild barely escaped the Fall of Haven. She brought the young daughter of Alina, her eldest sister, along with her in her escape, and found her way to her youngest brother, Gwion, who served her as caretaker. Displaced and warned by the spirits of her dead sisters that she mustn’t return to Kanace, the two really had nowhere to go. They were given medicines and advice from Jacobus, but chief amongst his advice was an admonition that they should deny any connection to him, as he sought to take the blame for the tragedy to protect their eldest sister.

The remnants of the Cardinal put out bounties on Gwion and a prize on the return of their precious Moonchild. One who had Gwion’s contract, the mysterious and complicated William “Wolf” Kagae, took an interest in the two and sought to protect them. He gained them the favor of the Queen of Tivar, a land that no Kanascan might suspect them in for it was a land of magic-fearing men of faith that was greatly regulated against arts. Kiara was adopted by Queen Sarah d’Tyvigar, Rose of Tivar, and made her heir.

Sarah d’Tyvigar, the Queen of Tivar, was slain in a coup led by her High General, Matthew. Wolf, who had wed the Queen under the guise of “William Kern,” arrived with her corpse. Galvanized by his sorrow and desperation, and caught between vision and her own grief, she roused the remnants of Sarah’s people, claiming she and Wolf alone would reclaim the throne and sending Gwion on with a cryptic message to gain the support of Bryoni against Khali, the fallen angel who had tainted Wolf long ago and who had, among other things, rooted herself in broken Kanace and meant to tear down the firmament and destroy God himself.

Wolf snuck the girl, then not quite thirteen, into the palace and led her to Matthew himself. He fought numerous guards to win Kiara the chance to put Matthew to the Tests of Truth, and made the false general share in a pagentry of his true nature, which she deemed unredeemable. His mind was wiped, and her new general, Wolf in his Kern guise, saw to it that the empty shell was executed. Under her rule, Tivar became the proud leader of the great Crusade against Khali. Within about a month, she had gathered a massive force under the banners of five nations to fight in the fields of Bryoni against the advance of Khali’s forces. She purged Wolf himself of the taint of Khali, so he could strike the greatest blow in the battle. It was a magnificent victory, though at high cost. Of the 433,000 men and women who marched out, 144,000 would never rise again.

Kiara gave Kanace to Prince Amir of A’skan to gain A’skani support. In her name, asylum was offered to Kanascan refugees in Tivar.

While Wolf was elsewhere, Kiara, known now as the White Queen, or White Rose of Tivar, arranged a peace with the Hillfolk who had warred with the Tivarans for some time. She gained valuable trade agreements with Bryoni as well, in no small part because of the shelter she offered the eldest Prince and Princess of the land her eldest sister reigned as Queen over. Admittedly, she had a great deal of help from Prince Gareth the Younger in this great work.

Kiara was the grand age of fourteen and a half when the threats of Capeli and A’skani violence reached a breaking point. War was declared, and an A’skani diplomat broke magic taboo during a claimed attack by Capeli representative. Unwilling to have Tivar dragged into yet another war while still recovering from civil war and the depravations of her own Crusade, Kiara tried to take a neutral stance, maintaining she would not have her hand forced to either side. In the aftermath, the High Lord of the Templars subtilly threatened that he was aware Kiara used some unnatural power, and insinuated that he would see to her ‘removal’ personally if she seemed to him to make too grand a display of power.

Afzeal, the mad child-emperor of A’skan, arranged to meet Kiara personally, a move approved by the Templars and Sisters, and only accepted by Kiara out of a desire to try to not offend. In the midst of their meeting, Wolf, who had been absent over a year, attempted to assassinate the boy. Afzeal had his little sister use some alchemical firebomb to kill the high templar, and herself in the process. Afzeal’s personal assassin made some mad attempt, and the boy himself transported out. Leon, the young apprentice of Wolf who had been posing at court as a page, helped Gwion hurry the young Queen out of the audience hall. Wolf offered to either leave them, or assist Kiara in leaving Tivar in the confusion.

Badly frightened by the Templar’s insinuations, the growing threat of war against A’skan, and the sheer unease she had always known in Tivar, Kiara asked that he take her away. With Gwion, she went to live in the forest home of Talimah Falamh, a reclusive healer. After Kiara and Susana, along with the redeemed Christina, were taken for use as sacrifices by the mad mage Celeb, Kiara became bound to the White Kokari and pregnant with her and Willam Kagae’s daughter all in the same night. The child was born on the night of an eclipse, only two months after Liana and Jacob’s son Donatien, and so the two babes have been raised together. When the children were two ,William returned, and Kiara became his wife.

Kiara n'Liana a'Sarah d'Tvygar a'ni Kanace

Children of the Wind Falamh