The Cardinal

The Cardinal represent the four most powerful mages of Kanace. Though royal blood is not required, they often are of the Line of Kanace, for power runs strong in Canace’s ancestors.

The Cardinal advise the King, and hold sway over the governance of matters magical within Kanace’s borders. They control the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Mages, the two schools of magery within the land.

North is the leader of the Cardinal. He heads tribunals of mages, councils on matters of magic and magic-related crime, and stands high amongst the king’s advisors in time of trouble. He is usually a master of magics of calling and element, and strong in wards. He is also the leader of the Brotherhood.

South is the Director of the Cardinal. Though the North is their wisdom, South is their guidance, the visonary who points them along the path they should follow. This position is traditionally held by a Moonchild of the royal lineage. When none can be found, it is actually kept by a triad of powerful diviners who work in synchronization. She is also the nominal leader of the Sisterhood.

East is the Judge of the Cardinal. She is traditionally, as the one in the Rising Sun’s place, the one who passes judgement on those who have wronged Kanace, or who have meddled in magics they should not touch. She is also traditionally older than South, and expected to help guide her, granting her the wisdom of life to aid the wisdom of Sight.

West is Judgement of the Cardinal, as He who stands in the Setting Sun’s place. He passes sentance, delivers penalties. He is usually North’s protege, younger and second in power to him.

The Cardinal

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