Susana of Kanace

Played by: Jules

Daughter of King Jacobus IV and Lady Emeila

Age: 24

Appearance: Slight, slender, with delicate features and wide gray eyes. Milky pale skin and silvery hair that falls straight down her back give her the air of a spirit. She had dark eyes as a child, and golden hair, both of which have faded as she has come fully into her gift.

Special: Moonchild: Susana is a born prophetess, gifted with vision due to a stronger showing of her fairy-blood. Normally, only one such child is born within a king’s reign, a single daughter to him, and only him. However, there are two in his line, each born to a different mother.

Abilities: Prophetess, Visionary, Sighted to magical matters, highly sensitive to spiritual presences, able to communicate with the Winds to a degree, Diviner, Abjurer, Transmutation (moderate). Knowledgable in matters of religion, poetry, spirits, and fae. Can speak to birds, to a certain degree.

Other: Cannot marry, but permitted men, so long as she makes no clear alleigance. Prone to fainting fits. Weak-stomached. Highly susceptable to intoxicants. Soporifics (sleep-inducing drugs) tend to put her in trance instead of letting her sleep. Is used to being given special mixtures of soporific and hallucinogen to sensitize herself to magical workings.

Manner: An air of certitude, save when in the throes of vision, wherein she sounds almost like a dreamer, or goes into fits of shouting, song, or recitation. Graceful, somewhat aloof. Rarely answers to Susana, save when in private with family or a lover.


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