Falamh's House

House: A work of faeriecraft, beautifully moulded of intermingled types of stone, elegantly worked with subtle design, vented where necessary with the vents shaped artfully to disguise them as merely archetectural frills, this two story house has large glass windows and a protected courtyard built up around a stately elm tree. The courtyard is designed with skillfully worked magical heating to allow for growing plants within all year long, and the house itself has a similar, stonework and water managed magical heating system that keeps it comfortable in the winter and can be overridden by songs within Fala’s control in the hotter months. It has a full basement as well, with small windows to allow air and light into the lower levels.

Bedrooms: 7 on upper floor, four on lower, four in basement area

Bathrooms: 2, one per level. Magical workings allow for limited plumbing. The system does not have the sophistication of a modern bathroom, but it also utilizes a few low grade spellwork elements to make cleaning and sanitation simpler, and the bath and sink basins are filled from tanks that manage on a basic pump system.

Kitchen: 1, large, with slight entry area before it.

Special: There are NO fireplaces in the house. The stove works on elven stonesong magic, as do the heating systems, which are contained in special rune-worked areas that prevent the reaction from growing unstable. There are similarly no candles or torches or lamps. The lighting is all done with charmed stones in elegant sconces that can be closed or opened.

Sitting room: one on basement level, rarely used, but fully furnished including bookshelves. Upper level, the courtyard is usually used for such pursuits.

Pantries: 1 small off the kitchen, 1 common pantry in basement level, 1 specially designed drying room for herbs in basement level, 1 deeper area root cellar, sub-basement.

Storage: 1 ‘library’ with numerous shelves, basement level, 1 general storage Rizzen’s Room: used as storage, for the lizard won’t use it.

Special: Area for control of heating and water, which are managed with specially designed runes, in basement level.

House features: All rooms furnished with matters crafted of what appears to be stone moulded into beautifully artistic shapes like clay. Cushions of assorted types are a common feature. Some of the pieces are surprisingly light, but many of these are also a tad fragile, though the lady of the house seems to have no trouble moving the mostly heavy matters. Rugs are a common feature in the rooms. All cloth elements are richly patterned in cheerful colors, with mostly nature themes, though a lot of the flowers and the like are highly stylized, almost as though created by someone who only sort of knew what they looked like. The same goes for the furnature. Impressionistic, if airy and lovely, nature. Each bedroom has a bed, a side table, a chair, a stool, a trunk, a sunk in closet that is part of the room itself with a curtain overhanging it, a seperate little table with basin and pitcher, and a mirror, though Falamh keeps a cloth over the mirrors in the unused rooms and her own.

Surrounding grounds:

The house is ringed by what was once about a four acre clearing. There are two sets of drying racks set up outside, a clothesline, and several seperated out garden plots between house and treeline with fallow areas in between.

Interspaced around the treeline are nine hellhound skulls, staked out on pikes. The first hundred yards of treeline on all sides of the homestead are enchanted to awareness and will attack and entangle any that are sensed as ‘hostile’ towards the area and slightly turn them around. It will actually actively make the path clearer, however, if one with a specially designed charm keyed to the songs that woke them comes through. There is no actual path. Falamh takes care that one is not actually worn in by working with the plants and taking slightly different paths through the woodland in her travels to get supplies.

There is a nearby stream with pure water, as well as a well carefully worked into matters.

Rooms occupied so far:

Upper level: 3 of 7 occupied: Falamh, Honey, Jacob and Liana (shared)

Lower Level: 2 of 4 unusable: designated “patient rooms” 2 occupied: Kiara and Gwion

Basement level: 3 of 4 unoccupied; one in use by Arcana

Falamh's House

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