Christina Caprici d’Kanace

Age: 33

Daughter of Claudius d’Kanace and Lady Anya d’Caprici

Elementalist, Weather conjuration, Abjurer, some Divination, wide knowledge of matters of healing, deep knowledge of law, excelent vocalist and instrumentalist (percussion, bells, string)

Second in command of the Sisterhood of Mages, and Advisor to South. Judge of the Cardinal.

Appearance: Dark, glossy hair, youthful for her age, though marked by the seriousness of her work. Dusky features. Has the dark, wide eyes of one of the Blood, and the dainty features as well.

Note: Particularly gifted at empowering magics or attuning items through use of special music-based spellcasting.

Personality: Level-headed, calm, quiet. Highly logical.


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