Lady Viviene Garethsdoittr of Daragh

Inner Circle, High Lady of Hadlyn, Claimed to House Nidhog


Granddaughter to Daragh of Bryoni, daughter of Gareth the Elder of Bryoni, sister to Gareth the Younger of Bryoni. Aspirant to the leadership of the Women’s Circle of Bryoni. Wife of Ulfr Kagae of Nidhog, once known as Leon Kagae.

Age: 16

Height/Weight/Appearance: 5’2, 100 lbs, delicate and fragile with wide, violet-brown eyes, glossy violet-brown hair past her knees when unbound, swarthy skin with a faint gold tinge that does not see the sun enough for a proper tan, quick and slender fingers, and a striking, agelessly elfin beauty.



Child of the Land: Viviene was dedicated to the stones of Bryoni at the moment of her birth through ritual, which gives her a bonus on elemental workings within Bryoni or within sight of her coast.

Land Boon: Viviene is able to talk to animals, especially predatory animals.

Circle Initiate: Princess Viviene is considered Inner Circle. She is able to contribute power to ritual magic, has been inducted into the directing of lesser rituals, and is able to awaken the Land within a 50’’ radius independently. She passed the trials of Inner Circle at fifteen.

Magics accessible: Elemental attack and shield, lesser; Elemental attack and shield, moderate; Elemental attack, greater; communicative spells; moderate magical sense; material identification (ie: Is this iron or steel, gold or treated zinc?); moderate illusion (light invisibility, physical altration glamers, limited range environmental glamers); lesser charm; moderate Charm Animal; lesser Command (simple, not against subject’s moral code or threatening to subject’s life, 3/day); sound modulation; lesser Transport (teleportation circles limited to 100 mile radius, leave heavy magical traces; moderate Sympathy (masking and sealing magics that create auras and conditions of opening reliant on spell completion with bodily component such as blood or hair of individual or bloodline)

Bloodline Curse: Upon death, Viviene will join the dead Daughters of Kanace as a guardian spirit of the Blood, who can communicate with other direct Kanace decendants through dreams, know the world through Kanace decendant eyes, and are meant to keep Jacobus Quintis from finding death. They are able to affect other Kanace decendants to a lesser degree, but their primary purpose is to protect Quintis. She will be her brother’s handler when he, in turn, dies and joins the collective.

Healer: Viviene has medical training encompassing basic first aid and triage, compounding of common medicines, compounding of Brotherhood stimulants and depressants, herb identification of most common healing and poisoning agents known in Bryoni and many from Kanace, and has a basic knowledge of handling poisons and antidotes thereto.

Silver Lady’s Favor: Viviene is able to exert a great deal of control over the growth of the purifying starflower vines, and is able to communicate with the proto-consciousness that has begun to come of them. She is slowly growing able to alter the abilities of these vines to an extent as well.

Lady of Light’s Favor: In rare circumstances Viviene is able to use some small healing magics granted by the goddess Rhyedeen, daughter of the Life Spark Sa’avarellen and Keeper of the Anchor of Worlds.

Companion: Aoife, a sacred she-wolf

Weapons training: light daggers, poisoner’s combs, war fan, unarmed (pressure points, joint locks), hunting spear

Specialized training: memory tricks for recall of lists and conversations, lockpicking, slight of hand, riding (both winter wolf and horse), hawking (she has a pet merlin), animal training (horse and canids), breath control and meditative states to handle pain and alter heart rate.

Other: High aptitude with harp and voice, courtier’s skills, both reads and speaks Bryoni, Havali, A’skani, Capelli, Latin, High Kanascan and Common, calligraphy, needlework


Viviene is the second child and first daughter of King Gareth and Queen Alina of Bryoni. She is half-Kanascan, a powerful inheritor of the sacred bloodline of the royal house of Kanace. Her birth was marked by an eclipse, which was taken as omen by some of the more superstitious of Bryoni that she would bring troble upon their land, while others interpreted this to mean she would be a power to be reckoned with, perhaps to grow beyond her mother in magical aptitude. Her parents, of course, simply handwaved all that and dedicated her to the land at birth, as all Bryoni are.

When Viviene was three, she and her mother, along with the other strong blooded female decendants of Kanace, began to experience horrifying dreams about Lady Kisara’s enshrinement and the suffering of the spirit Canace. The child was simply seen to have night terrors, and did not speak of details of these dreams. The mother, however, knew what she saw and was slowly consumed by these dreams. When Viviene’s sister Lorelei was born in this time, the physical harm and dreams combined to leave Queen Alina a haunted and paranoid woman who was convinced these dreams meant her little, dark daughter was in danger from her own people.

An assassination attempt and a kidnapping plot around this time did not help the matter. So, Queen Alina began to intensify Viviene’s magical training and to include the rogue training, raising her daughter to be paranoid to the extreme about threat of attack. Due to rumors that arose around the Queen, intent on discrediting this half-mad distraction to the King, the child witnessed her mother put on Trial of Iron twice and at the center of honor duels far more times.

By the time Viviene was seven, her mother’s episodes had grown severe enough that her father began to contact foreign mages, as the Circle seemed unable to understand his wife’s affliction. The introduction of foreign influence into the court above and beyond Viviene’s foreign mother led to more attempts at discrediting, including attempts to implicate the child in matters of harm, attempts to kidnap her, and attempts to assassinate her and the other royal children.

It was not so long after that Viviene’s mother was tricked into Kanace by an outside agent and used by a severely weakened Canace as the agent of Haven’s destruction through possession. Viviene herself was drawn into the matter by a foreign mage hoping to introduce more chaos through such a powerful child, strong enough willed to resist the killing curse that culled many of the Kanaces by the night of the Fall of Haven. However, she was rescued by the visionary Kiara as the Moonchild escaped the collapsing Ivory Palace, then warded in secret for nearly a month while her mother was imprisoned by the remnants of the DIrections of Kanace, keepers of the stolen power that warded Kanace from the outside world. When her mother at last escaped, she was taken in by the erstwhile Crown Prince of Kanace, Jacobus Quintis, who saw to it she and VIviene were reunited. However, when he attempted to give Viviene and Alina safe conduct back to Bryoni, they were intercepted by Callenib Math, the high mage of Bryoni.

Math had been behind many of the plots to discredit the Queen and kidnap Viviene, in secret. He used this opportunity to take the Queen and her daughter prisoner for over a month. While Math attempted to madden Viviene’s mother through use of isolation, drugging, and keeping her half starved and sealed from her power, the child put her training to use. Viviene played up to Math’s attempts to groom her as a pet of sorts and manipulated several of his agents into assisting her and giving her information about Tor, Math’s highly secretive stronghold where he was keeping the Queen and eldest Princess. She managed to protect her mother from most of the drugged food and drink that was pushed on her, snuck her food, and brought her information. Viviene herself worked most of their escape plan, which was nearly complete when the fallen Khali captured Math and wrecked Tor, letting them out.

Numerous other events in Viviene’s life have left her a paranoid and suspicious creature, with few she would consider friends. She has a talent for triggering protective instincts in men, and so had quite a few male allies among the guard and her brother’s Twelve, until she found her approach to puberty complicated these interactions.

Lady Viviene Garethsdoittr of Daragh

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