Donatien d'Badra

Son of Liana and Jacob


Appearance: A wide eyed, charming little boy with deep violet eyes kissed with gold, dark violet-tinged hair with light highlights, and cherubic features.

Age: 2 years

High Magical Potential

Spirit-Bond to Liran Kanace Kagae

Blood-Curse: Will become a spiritual guardian of Jacob summonable by the spirits of the dead Kanace daughters upon death.


The son of Liana Dior and Jacobus Quintis of Kanace, Donatien was conceived after his mother had been restored to life by magical accident, and after his father had lost most of his family, been bound in with a blood curse, and suffered major spiritual damage.

During her pregnancy with Donatien, his mother was cursed to not be able to bear children any longer after him. This resulted in a traumatic childbirth that made it difficult for her to bond with him at first, so when his cousin Liran was born, he spent as much time at his aunt Kiara’s breast as at his mother’s.

The boy is cheerful and loving, quick witted, and devoted to his cousin. He rarely fusses, unless they are seperated for long periods of time.

Donatien d'Badra

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