Susana Kanace

Purified Moonchild, Once South of the Cardinal, Vessel of Canace


Appearance: Susana is one of the taller Kanascan princesses, at 5’3. Her fair skin, silvery hair, and pale lavendar gray eyes earned her the moniker, “the Argent Rose” when she turned eighteen. Before this, she once had the darker eyes common amongst Kanaces. She is, like most of the daughters, slim and frail in appearance, with fine, elegant features and a striking, otherworldly beauty.

Current Age: 29

Purified Moonchild: Susana was one of the rare daughters of the line of Kanace born with the innate power of prophecy. With great powers of vision, scrying, and enchantment came also a shortened lifespan, leading to a sharp decline in her health at 20 and a maximum lifespan of 30. However, the goddess Rhyedeen took pity on her and gifted her with healing that would allow her to live a natural lifespan. Her powers faded somewhat, but have been bolstered by another factor. Due to Rhyedeen’s methods, Susana is no longer able to produce children with the Moonchild trait, though she is able to produce children with high magical potential in general.

Vessel of Canace: After the Fall of Haven, a severely weakened Aurae clung to the remnants of the land, without the strength for vengance beyond the killing curse she had unleashed upon the Kanace line. When Princess Susana was nearly sacrificed by the corrupt sorceror Celeb, Canace swore a pact of mutual protection and power with her, and Susana became her willing vessel.

Canace is able to advise her, analyze magical ceremony and items for her, and strengthens her natural abilities. She also gives Susana an affinity to elemental: air magics that was not there previously and allows her to understand and speak any verbal language she can physically produce.

Broken: Although the goddess Rhyedeen was able to sever the ties of control and manipulation that another had placed within Susana, damage to her psyche and spirit was irreversable. Susana now has little to no empathy and on occasion perceives natural hallucinations or mild manias as legitimate prophecy as well.


Susana a’Eleora d’Kanace was the only daughter of King Jacobus Quartus of Kanace and his second wife, Eleora a’Capeli, a Capelli princess. As is the case with many women who birthed Moonchildren without being a moonchild themselves, she died in childbed, so Susana never knew her mother. However, the third Queen of Kanace, Liana Dior of Havali, took her under her wing and cared for her when she was permitted as though she were one of her own children. She was consequently raised quite closely with the youngest prince, Gwion.

Her power was recognized young, and she began her formal training at four. She was not used as a mouthpiece until twelve, however, while the second Moonchild began to be used in ceremony as a small girl. She hated her duty, and recognized that the seat of South, one of the four chief mages of Kanace, was a false one controlled by Lady East and her handlers. However, she tolerated it out of recognition that she was sheltered, and permitted far more freedom than most women. She knew that Kanace would fall, and knew the wrongs that supported it, but felt that it profited her more to remain a loyal daughter for the time than to strike out on her own.

In the confusion of the Fall of Kanace, Susana attempted to escape as the Goddess’ Shrine fell, only to dissappear for a year. When she was found at last by Kiara and Gwion, she claimed she had been lost in a deep sleep, unaware of what had happened. Susana had fallen under the power of a mysterious woman who sought to control her for some unknown end, and who eluded true detection by those around her. In the midst of this, Susana, Kiara, and a redeemed Christina were kidnapped by the mad sorcerer Celeb to be used as a sacrifice. When Susana nearly died, she was granted power by a bond with Canace, their ancestor spirit who had been the author of Kanace’s destruction to begin with. She also learned of the existance of the goddess Rhyedeen through contact with a bit of featherdown the creature had lent Gwion before sending the young knight to assist with the rescue of his sisters.

Susana and Canace conspired to take the feather from Gwion in order to discover what power they could draw from it, and what it might do to aid the Princess. The Goddess surprised both by speaking through the feather to them, and dealing that they return that precious part of herself to Gwion in return for healing to Susana that would let her live a normal lifespan instead of the fast approaching mere 30 years she was consigned to by mistakes of birth.

Though this healing did grand things for Susana’s physical health, it did nothing for the possession. However, in the course of Rhyedeen’s high Priestess working her healing on the woman, she found the manipulator’s marks in her, and through high ritual, removed them.

This, too, left its spiritual scars.

Between the damage done, Susana’s bitterness over how the Kanascan royals had treated her, and her jealousy over the accomplishments her sister Kiara had thrown away—love! A literal crown, something normally denied Moonchildren! A CHILD, something that had never come for her despite plentiful taking of her right to any man she chose, for the Kanascans wished Moonchildren to breed!, she grew warped and bitter in mind, and decided to seek power for herself. This was when she decided to leave the safehouse where Kiara and Jacob had been living with their respective children.

Now that Susana approaches the true test of the work done upon her, her thirtieth year, she has thrown in her lot with Tristan and his supporters.

Susana Kanace

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