Liran Kanace Kagae

Daughter of Kiara and William


Appearance: A small for age toddler with brilliant, violet eyes marked with silver and dark violet-tinged hair with scattered glinting highlights. Cherubic, bright eyed, and darling.

Age: 2

Perfected Moon: Liran possesses the visionary, enchantment, and illusory powers that come naturally to a Moonchild, without the limited lifespan.

Blood Curse: Upon her death, Liran’s spirit will be entrapped with the other daughters of Kanace. However, she has more influence within the place of binding than the other Kanascan decendants.

High Magical Potential

Spirit-Bond: Liran has spiritual and psychic bonds to her cousin Donatien. Each is aware of when the other comes to harm, no matter their distance. She created this herself, though it might not have been a conscious creation.


Liran was conceived by less than normal means the night Kiara was almost sacrificed by Celeb, when her father gave up his life. She was born shortly after her uncle Jacob’s son, and has spent the majority of her life being raised in hiding by her Uncle, her grandmother, Kiara herself, and their elven hosts.

She is wholly unaware of just how unorthodox her family is, and is not yet old enough to be truly troubled by visions. Really, she rarely even fusses unless seperated from her cousin Donatien for too long.

Liran Kanace Kagae

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