Liana Dior d'Badra

Deceased third Queen of Kanace under Jacobus Quartis, Living Node, Wife of Jacobus Quintis


Age (at death): 26
Years since ressurection: 7

Heigth/Weight/Appearance: 5’3, 115, fair complected with amber-gold hair, wide, thick lashed, tawny eyes, full lips, a heart shaped face, a soft and flowing figure, dainty long-fingered hands, and a smile that seemed to light the room. Incredibly beautiful, stunningly so.


Perform(vocal): high degree.

Perform(dance): High degree

Perform (oratory): reasonable

Bluff: High (esp. innuendos through matters like gesture and fan language and pointed use of color or flower or ornament.)(natural bonus due to enchantment potential)

Diplomacy: High (natural bonus from presence of enchantment potential)

Sense Motive: Reasonable. Maybe a little low.

Craft (calligraphy): High

Great knowledge of old music and tales.

Languages: Havali, Kanascan (…english, kh.), Latin, some Bryoni, smatterings of A’skan


Ressurected Node of Power

Soulbound to Jacobus Quintis


By Jacobus Quartis-


Iliara (deceased)

Iraea (deceased)


By Jacobus Quintis-

Deidre (deceased)

Donatien (currently 5.)


The third Princess of Havali by the first Queen, favorite sister of the Heir Apparent, Petrov, Liana Dior was wed to King Jacobus Quartis when she was barely fifteen, shortly after his second wife died in childbed. She was given no choice in the matter.

The beautiful Havali girl, as well trained as any of her kind, was instantly loved by the court. She was forever smiling, and her rich amber locks and tawny eyes earned her the title “The Golden Queen” early on.

She was not really very happy, but incredibly trained, and few ever knew this. She played the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect courtier, generous and flirtatious without being TOO flirtatious, her few words, though light matters, placed with the weight a man might use when about a game of chess.

The Golden Queen was well loved by all the children of King Quartis, friend to his daughter two years her senior, confidant to the younger children, even friendly with the A’skani concubines gifted to her husband as stood long tradition. She was kind, and pleasant, friendly, and there was a certain quality to her voice and presence that left others dazzled, though she claimed no magic as her own. Unbeknowst to most, she was also the lover of Quartis’ eldest son, Jacobus Quintis.

There were no suspicions of this until after the birth of her fifth child, Kiara. It had been unknown for more than one Moonchild to be born to a King before this, and the trait only was carried by the firstborn son of the line and the Moonchildren themselves. Most considered Kiara a blessing, but a few in the Cardinal had their suspicions due to Jacob’s abdication to Prince Isssac and his disinterest in marriage. In the end, this led to her assassination by North of the Cardinal, through one of her Havali handmaidens who aspired to become Queen in her place. Ironically, the true bastard in the lot was unremarked, as Deidre looked much like the other royal children.

Only after the destruction of Haven and the fall of Kanace proper was Liana accidentally risen from the dead. When the mad sorcerer Celeb attempted to gain control of a node, his workings slipped and bound themselves to her remains, drawing her back into life. She defended him against a protectorate of Kanascans clinging to life in a small village in Kanace, then was protected by them until she was found by Gwion and William Kagae amongst the people, thought to be beautiful, mad, and harmless. William arranged for Liana to find her way to the hidden home of Talimah Falamh, where she had been working to repair some of the damage done to Jacobus Quintis’ mind by Khali’s influence.

Liana came to marry Jacobus Quintis in an ancient Elven ceremony, which bound them in soul. This led to her sharing his senses, knowing his nightmares, and sharing the power bound into her with him, though these were not why the matter was done. It had been hoped that the power in her would assist in the repair of spiritual damage and purification of Jacobus Quintis in general.

After some months together, Jacobus and Liana conceived a son, whom they came to name Donatien. Donatien has all his father’s magical potential, and a part of his mother’s literal power. Due to a curse lain upon her by William Kagae during a domestic dispute, Liana experienced a traumatic birth that left her too physically damaged to bear another child after Donatien.

Liana Dior d'Badra

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