Ildranach Alricson

Southern Lord, Company of 12, Mage-blood, Fallen Family


Appearance: Slim and leanly muscled, 6’4, scarlet haired, blue eyed, fair skin with freckles.

Age: 22

Holding: Taermann


Dedicated to the Land: Pledged to the land in infancy, Ildranach gains bonuses to magical workings undertaken in Bryoni and is afforded protection from Circle workings so long as his actions do not oppose the Land itself.

Martial Proficiency: Moderate bow, moderate longsword, high longspear aptitude. General training with other weapons.

Combat Casting: Ildr is able to create a limited Circle effect that strengthens the magic of others, can create a moderate elemental shield, small fire effect, small ice effect, moderate wind effect, and low level stone effects. He can also create a flair effect, control animals during high stress situations and limited charm horses and wolves, and is moderate strength at counterspell.

Other casting: Ildr can do limited dowsing scries, open communicative spells, detect magical auras, start fires in wet conditions, and create lesser sympathies (small items that resonate with the aura of another creature, a Kanascan tactic taught him by Garth for strategic use)



Alric Bernson: Participant in the rebellion against Gareth Daraghson, executed

Anwyn of Alric: Ex lesser Circle, cast out and executed for work against the Crown

Damon: Deceased elder brother, killed in the Battle of the 110,000; would have been 23 if he lived.

Fionnuala: 19 year old sister, Lesser Circle, wed to Eamonn Conchobarson

Alder: 13 year old brother

Birte: 12 year old sister

Colleen: 10 year old sister (blind)


Ildranach is the second son of Alric Bernson, who was the heir of the Northen lord Bern Beornson, and a woman of the Circle. After Bern Beornson was killed for plotting against Queen Alina of Bryoni, and his holdings taken, Alric took his family to the ravaged South to establish a new holding and find ways to support the rebellion of Lord Beregrim against the Crown.

Before all this passed, Ildranach and his elder brother, Damon, were counted among the ranks of the Company of Twelve, the young men hand-picked by Prince Gareth of Bryoni to fight beside him. After Damon’s death in the Battle of the 144,000, while the Prince was in Tivar, he began to doubt his place in the land. The events of his family’s fall came only months later. By the time the Prince returned to Bryoni, Ildranach’s family had fallen on hard times.

His father wasted his time formenting plots against the royal family, rather than working the land which refused to provide properly in the first place for their own family. His mother was ousted from the Circle for how publically she denounced the Queen, and was attempting to build a resistance from other unhappy lesser Circle women. His siblings were half-starved and he feared for what would happen to them if the rebellion failed. Because Gareth had not been along, Ildranach was uncertain how he felt about the continued validity of the royal family, but still did not fully support the rebellion.

Not long after the Prince’s return, Alric approached Ildranach and told him to pretend to set aside his family, get back into Prince Gareth’s good graces, then spy on the royal family and feed information to the resistance. If his position was challenged or it would be of strategic advantage, he was expected to assist what Alric claimed to be a false Stonedaughter in assassinating the Prince himself.

Ildranach was not really given much choice. However, when he did rejoin the Company of Twelve, with what was quite obvously a legitimate Stonedaughter who his father was mistaken about, he came in the wake of Gareth’s aid mission to the South that had ended disasterously. He resolved to only kill Gareth if it seemed the boy was truly going to bring harm to the Land, and talked himself up to believe he would protect Queen Alina and Princess Viviene through doing so, as he had nurtured a boyish infatuation with the Queen since he was quite young.

During military actions against the South, he fed his mother false information that could be mistaken for being passed poor intelligence, until the rebellion was put down. His parents were both executed, and his younger brother, now 11, and small sisters were passed into his care, along with his father’s holding. He has been building up the holding for the past two years, in between requirements of service to the Twelve, and working towards building a suit of marriage for Princess Viviene despite Prince Gareth’s advice against it.

Ildranach Alricson

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