Gwion Kanace

Dishonored Prince and Knight of the Rose


Age: 26

Height/Weight/Appearance: 5’10, 160, fine featured, handsome, with dark skin underlain with the faintest gold tinge, golden brown hair and eyes touched with shimmer of violet like caramel amber. His hair is a little past shoulder length, slightly wavy, and satiny, and he is broad of shoulder and gracefully built.



Combat Training, Order of the Rose: Highly skilled with longsword and heavy rapier. High familiarity with lance, longspear, and quarterstaff. Well-versed in fistfighting and basic holds. Moderate training with longbow, shortbow, and crossbow. Shield familiarity. Heavy armor training. Specializes in something akin to German Langschwartz style, can improvise with most blunt objects fairly reasonably. Mounted combat familiarity. Also a fair grappler.

Monster-hunting: Gwion trained with the mountain patrols who dealt with more dangerous beasts, such as the cunning and swift wyvern, the powerful lindorms (varying from merely venomous of bite to acid spitters and those who breathed poison gas), and dire wolves. He knows how to work with a group to best advantage while dealing with beasts and understands a great deal about spotting weaknesses, disabling, and slaying monsters.

Rose and Hawk: A style worked by Kanacan knights, it involves heavy training with working with mages. There are a number of trained reflexes, an enforced calm around magical attack, signals, and coordinating phrases.

Diplomacy: Basic Diplomat’s training, including familiarity with the main languages spoken in allied countries (Bryoni, Capeli, Havali, main A’skan dialects).

Basic First Aid: Gwion was trained in basic field care, from handling fractures and sprains to field-dressing wounds. He has a rough and slight knowledge of herbalism with it, gained from his eldest brother.

Art: Vocal training (exquisite voice, tenor but with excellent range), stringed instruments (specializes in lute), flute, and simple pipes. Wide knowledge of assorted ballads from numerous places and hymns.

Other: Calligraphy, map-reading, tracking (moderate), guard duty (How to Stand Still For Hours And Not Look Bored or Sneeze).

Light rogue training (ala Wolf)

The Lady of Rose’s Brambles: The contractual claim of Lady Linnea Devon blurs Gwion to scrying (counter d100 rolls, 20 bonus to resist), to the point of making divination magic sometimes completely fail on him, unless his owner is the source. She gains a +20 to all attempts. He gains a similar will bonus on mind affecting matters, and a similar minus to those from Lady Linnea. He gets severe penalties to attacking Linnea and runs the risk of either entirely collapsing or suffering sympathetic injury if she is harmed by his actions.

The Lady of Light’s favor: Accelerated healing and a ‘lay on hands’ like ability, whose strength varies according to his willingness to believe in the gift itself. Quite powerful with faith against recent wounds (within one week), not quite as regenerative when the wound is older. Can weaken the effects of poisons and corruption. Also: Can impart strength to others through this touch. Overuse makes Gwion tired.

The Arms of Faith: A bound relic set gifted to him by his Lady. A sword, armor, and shield. Summonable. Bond-set represented by writ in an ancient tongue denoting “Certitude, faith, valour”, the armor-marking on chest, faith on his left, valour on his right wrist.
Detailed here—

Armor of Certitude: variable, force-effect, can go from nothing if descending wholly into doubt to three minutes of invunerability if in perfect faith. (determined by d100 roll, – for injury to those he blames himself for or perceived failure, + for morale enhancers or injury to one he cares for that he takes no blame in, no more than +/- 20 either way can be accrued.)

Shield of Faith: variable, force effect, can be conjured and dismissed at will. Varies from a 1 deflection, personal, to a Ward effect on up to three others, to a force push that shoves back enemy. (determined by d100 roll, for doubt, + for desire to protect. +/ 20 limit. 1 or below: no effect. Cannot be handed off.)

Sword of Valor: variable, force-effect, can go from wavering and useless to a blade that can cut through most anything. (determined by d100 roll, -for cowardice, + for confidence/bravery/courage/certitude. +/-20 limit.)

Carries a few small pins charmed with different disguise effects that alter his coloration and features slightly. (Black hair/darker skin/proper brown eyes, blonde hair and pale blue eyes with freckles, red hair with brown eyes.)

Bound Summon: Gwion can be summoned by Lady Linnea by use of a fan, the price of the weapons.


Gwion n’Liana d’Kanace is the youngest son of King Jacobus Quartis, born to his third wife, Liana Dior. He was the young Queen’s first child, born to her when she was barely sixteen. He is the tenth son and the ninth prince. One of the boys, Agustus, was a concubine’s son, and therefore not among the ascendancy.

His eldest brother, Jacobus Quintis, swore an oath to Gwion’s mother before he was born that he would watch over him, protect him, and guide him. He took it terribly seriously, visiting the boy frequently and doing what he could to raise the lad to noble ideals and help him find ways to achieve his goals.

Gwion trained with the Order of the Rose from the age of nine onward to become one of the Knights of Kanace, as he desired to be a protector of the land. He is a young man of deep and profound faith, who believes deeply in his heart that all promises are a contract with God himself, and that honor is above most everything in import.

His faith and utter seriousness about honesty have been matters of mixed result for him. Though the other knights respected his amusing way of sticking with every penance and taking the expectation of chastity outside of marriage oh so terribly seriously, in a kind of laughing way, it also led to him refusing an arranged match and led to him being temporarily disowned to appease the Havali high lord’s offense at his daughter’s slighting. He was ‘adopted’ by Jacobus Quintis, who delt in secret with their father to make this claim and bargained for four years to restore Gwion to the graces of the royal family.

Shortly after this, Jacob and Gwion were sent out on a supposed “surveying and trade relations” mission that masked Jake’s purpose of seeking a half-aurae girl to replace the witchery the Cardinal had used for centuries to allow the land to prosper. Three years in, they at last discovered a girl of the proper blood, Linnea Devon. Gwion was left to the charming and testing of the girl more than Jacob had originally intended, and despite bearing a token to protect him from charm effects, he came to fall in love (or fancy himself in love, after a week’s acquaintance) with the beautiful girl. After her capture, he rebelled against his brother, and when she was rescued he told Jacob he wanted no more part in any of it and attempted to swear his loyalty to Linnea.

The girl refused him, until she was told a blood curse had been called upon his entire family and he would be doomed without a claim of service. The bonding was done in secret, and Gwion has told no one, though his prophetess sister has spoken cryptically of the matter now and again. Later on, she arranged for the Lady of Light, Rhyedeen of the Celyn, to grant Gwion her protection, and gifted him with a magical set of arms her mother intended to be used to protect her, at the price of him being bound to be summoned by a fan on her whim.

These things passed through a whole slew of mad things. Gwion ended up returning to Kanace with his brother, only to witness an attack on the Goddess’ Shrine and the subsequent murder of tortured Lady Kisara, the abrupt fall into coma of three of his sisters and one of his brothers, as well as his father (a matter kept a secret from most), the dungeonless imprisonment of his eldest sister Alina, who was controlled with heavy drugging, enchantment, and magical bonds by the Cardinal and kept in hidden rooms in the Ivory Palace, and the eventual sickening of all the rest of the royal line as the Shrine and the protections of the land continued to deteriorate. Sick himself, he had voyaged out of Kanace to attempt to deal with the girl, who confessed she could only save him.

Consequently, Gwion was not present to witness Haven’s Fall. When the Aurae Canace possessed his eldest sister, who had been in a strange dream of drugged compliance, and shattered the capital city of Kanace, he was unaware. His first news that it had all gone to hell was the unexpected arrival of his youngest sister and the eldest Princess of Bryoni, his niece, whom Kiara had rescued in her own panicked escape shortly before the Ivory Palace was destroyed.

Since the tragedy, Gwion has served as Kiara’s protector, save when he has traveled with Wolf. When Jacob was ill used by Callenib Math and fell into the power of Khali, Gwion and Kiara found themselves hunted, and when Kiara became Queen of Tivar, Gwion was but one of her servants. He was a protector and agent of the workings of Kiara and Wolf as they fought against Khali, and assisted Wolf in finding the White Kokari, an artifact that now keeps his young sister alive. After Wolf was slain in a rescue mission after Kiara and Susana were captured by the mad Celeb Cain d’Kanace, a distant relation and warlock who attempted to raise an elder god through their sacrifice, Gwion was given two missions:

To purify Kanace of the yet-lingering taint of Khali, and to recover the other Kokari before his sister’s daughter reaches her fifteenth year.

The purification of the taint, or suppression in the worst places, was accomplished through dealing with the minor goddess Rhyedeen, who gifted Gwion with seeds infused with her own essence. These produced a silver tree infused with her full awareness that grows yet in the ruins of Verity, and silvery vines with star shaped flowers and a faint glow that proliferate wherever there is concentration of taint. These have a slight consciousness of their own as well, though less than the silver tree.

Gwion Kanace

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