King Gareth of Daragh, The White Wyvern

Gareth, son of Gareth the Elder.


Gareth n’Alina d’Bryoni

Age: 21

Height/Weight/Appearance: 6’6, 160, slender, graceful, midtone skin, thistledown light hair slightly past his shoulders, violet eyes, fine features for a Bryoni, quick hands. A bit more towards pretty than is ideal for a Bryoni.


Dedicated to the Land: Elemental response comes easily, though not quite so much as the women. He is even able to awaken the earth beneath him, and gains a bonus to attacks when in Bryoni.

Magics Known: Teleportation, communicative spells, Lesser Truth, Elemental Attack (Major earth, Moderate fire, Major ice, Major wind), Force shield, tracer spells, wards (moderate), Weavesense (for up to ten minutes in a casting).

Weapons: longsword, dirk, daggers, light daggers, longbow (hunting or defense only), shortbow (same), long and shortspear, shield, Elemental Called Weapon, bare hands (Ali has passed on a few Brotherhood tricks.) Style: Quick, relies on grace, uses a lot of tumbling. More acrobatic, mostly adapted on his own, to make up for the larger Bryoni and more powerful Raiders, not to mention the need for flexible and light armor to allow him to cast.

Courtier: Trained in the languages of Havali, Kanace, Capeli, and A’skan, as well as a few older dialects, smatterings of the raider’s tongue, and some trade language. Well versed in scribes arts, skaldic arts, and has a fine hand for illuminations. Some diplomacy training.

Stonedaughter Companion: For reasons unknown, a powerful seeress who is infused with the desires and influences of Bryoni follows Gareth and on occasion assists him, though never by his direction. (Cliodhna)

Has trained self in smatterings of the Tud’debar-maen’s language.


The eldest son of King Gareth Daraghson of Bryoni and Queen Alina n’Kisara a’Kanace d’Bryoni and brother of Viviene, Lorelei, Lif, and Aiden.

Wife: Cliodhna of Bryoni


Aine: 18 months, daughter, fair hair, Kanace eyes, dusky skin.

Company of Twelve: Gareth the Younger’s young warriors and companions who follow him in battle and in hunts.


Eamonn, Art, Comcha, Loric, Ildanach, Macnia, Adhamh, Oisin, Caoimhin, Enri, Hralf, Garik



King Gareth of Daragh, The White Wyvern

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