Gareth Daraghson d'Bryoni

Erstwhile King of Bryoni, the Winter Wolf


Age: 53


Height/appearance: 7’8, Tall, broad, muscular, his golden mane only just starting to be peppered with gray, rugged, his scars are few, but enough to show he was never one to stay back in a fight. Ice blue eyes, weatherbeaten skin that was once quite fair. However, he has no great defect, a matter that has lost men their thrones before in Bryoni.


Weapons Training: Heavy armor, longsword, claymore, dagger, longbow, shortbow, quarterstaff, spear (thrown and long), falchion, axe, mounted combat, hand to hand, shield.

Combat style: Heavy combat. Sunderer, grappler, power-hitter. Heavy use of intimidation. Only uses trained wolves or hawks in hunting, will not strike a human opponent from behind.

Accepted of the Land: Though Gareth is not magically talented, the Circle dedicated his birth, and so the stones of Bryoni and elemental magics thereof will not harm him. This was one of the signs that he was a true contender for the throne in his youth, for the Dedication varies in acceptance for all.

Stubborn: Gareth has a high degree of resistance to enchantment magics. Unfortunately for him, this also makes it impossible for him to recieve message spells directly much of the time.

Blindness—Alina crafted an enchantment rune that marks Gareth’s chest. It allows him to activate a field around him in which mages can be made to believe they are unable to feel their power, sense magic, or cast. (d100, 70 or higher to resist.)

Enhancement-Sight— This was actually incredibly difficult to manage. It is not widely publicized, but Gareth’s vision began to dim when he was in his thirties. His wife managed to create a kind of illusion enchantment that enhances his vision to slightly better than human limits. Most of the court and even the Circle do not know of this.

Return-rune— Gareth’s court sword, the traditional sword of the Kings of Bryoni, was created by Math himself and is enchanted to always return to the hand of the true King of Bryoni when called.



Gareth the Younger: 21, son, current King of Bryoni

Viviene: 16, daughter, High Inner Circle

Lorelei: 12, daughter, Guardian of Hearth in training

Lif: 5, son, mage in training, poor health

Aiden: 2, son, high potential for magic and physical strength


Aine: 18 months, girl. Daughter of Gareth the Younger and Cliodhna

Gareth is the only son of Daragh, the former King of Bryoni. When his father died, Gareth was merely eleven, though already a towering and surprisingly able fighter who had been blessed by the land to be untouchable by many of the magics of Bryoni itself. He shocked many when he rose through the ranks to win the Crown in the Trials, not even a man by Bryoni’s harshly young standards.

He was heavily advised, early on, but Callenib Math and his sister Ita, who was already moving swiftly through the ranks of the Circle. When he reached thirteen, he was pressured to begin suits for a wife, encouraged greatly due to it being seen as indecent that his elder sister advise him so closely. However, he steadfastly refused for years, insisting he had seen his wife in dreams, and no woman presented before him had such eyes.

Beyond this, though, he was a fine king, strongly maintaining the isolationist kingdom with strength and grace.

Gareth was poisoned through the mechanization of Ildranach, under the influence of the ghost of Callenib Math. This was a spiritual poison that made him slowly lose his mind and bodily control as though old age struck all at once. When he became unfit to rule, the Trial of Kings was enacted.

Gareth was cared for until a winner was declared: his son, Gareth the Younger.

His son was tasked with sacrificing Gareth, in the old way. By this point, the man had the mental prowess of a toddler, and could barely control his body. Gareth the Younger beheaded Gareth the Elder atop the Heart of Bryoni, the great stone considered the center of the Land’s Will, while the Inner Circle sanctified the sacrifice. Gareth’s wife, sister, and eldest daughter were all part of the ring.

Over a year after his death, his wife still waits for his return, having suffered a breakdown after the sacrifice.

Gareth Daraghson d'Bryoni

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