Cliodhna d'Bryoni

Stonedaughter, Watcher, Queen of Bryoni


Appearance: Blonde, blue eyed, curvacious, 5’11, fair skinned. Delicate tattoos flow up her hands, covering them from finger to elbow in woad. Between her breasts, there is a curling mark risen from her very flesh, darker than the surrounding flesh, denoting her as a true Stonedaughter. Always carries a small dagger, and wears a sprig of silver vine in her hair.

Age: 23


Stonedaughter: Chosen by the land, infused by its intelligence, and consecrated by a Stonedaughter who came before her, Cliodhna is a vessel of Bryoni’s desires. She is tasked to support and strengthen the Land, and her death is consecrated to it. None may own her or claim her their own. She is not her own to give, but the Land’s to grant, and those who recognize her know it is a curse to bring harm or insult to her. Because of this, Bryoni people allow her to do as she pleases and go as she will. She is capable of being the epicenter of powerful magics of the Land. Any child of her body is immediately considered sacred, and exempt from considerations of legitimacy, only considered at all of its father if she chooses to grant it to the father himself.

Sighted: Cliodhna is able to see the way power moves in others. She can read runes, bones, and clouds, and interpret the light on water.

Bond Recognition: Cliodhna is inherantly aware of what bonds between the Land exist between a person and Bryoni. As Bryoni are consecrated at birth, she would instantly recognize one who had not been, as well.

Herb Lore: Limited to plants that grow in Bryoni.

Tongues: Cliodhna can speak in the voice of the Land, comprehensible to all, if she has reason to.

Animal Empathy: Clio can interpret and affect animals around her to an unnatural degree.

Beyond Circle: Cliohdna’s declarations and actions are considered even more sacred than the proclamations of Circle; even the highest of Inner Circle would bow to her actions

Chooser of the Sacred: Cliohdna is able to bestow the Land’s favor upon others and to enhance this, where she wishes.



By ???: an 8 year old boy

By Gareth of Daragh:

Aine, Daughter. Not quite 2.

Cliodhna was born to one of Lord Bern Beornson’s servants, and therefore more his chattel than his daughter. His jealous wife saw to her mother ‘disappearing’ early on, but was unable to do the same to the girl, whom Bern took a liking to. Clio was always a little strange and distant, rarely reacting to pain or cruelty or even kindness. She did the work her husband’s wife gave her, and she made no complaints, driving the woman crazy with her refusal to acknowledge her cruelty.

Lord Bern was rather fond of her anyway, and attempted to arrange a suitable marriage for her as though she were a legitimate child when she was thirteen. However, when she was introduced to her husband to be, the girl simply politely refused, opened the front of her dress to show the Stonedaughter’s mark that had arisen on her chest, then was allowed to leave. She was given nothing to take with her, save a little knife her nephew Ildranach offered up to her. She traveled alone, and in time found an old Stonedaughter blinded by cataracts who took her in and began to initiate her. When her initiation was done, she killed the old Stonedaughter and took her place.

While the politics of Bryoni were falling apart, Cliodhna was an indifferent keeper of an old waystone, a place of ancient sacrifice where only the blood of stonedaughters must fall. She bore a son whom she gave to a woman of a nearby village, not long before the Formoi came to Bryoni. It still was only after Bern Beornson was executed for his role in poisoning Queen Alina that any reached out to her to influence politics.

Alric Beornson, her half brother, came to her in a pledge for vengance. He sought to appeal to her to go under cover of what he presumed was a false holiness to take from the King his son, in return for the insult of his father being slain. He gave her offerings and threatened to reveal her as Beorn’s daughter to the world, whichshe treated with indifference. However, when Alric sent his oldest suriviving son, Ildranach Alricson, one of the Company of Twelve, to lead her to the boy, she went.

She told Ildranach that he was no longer Alric’s son, but the son of Bryoni, and to let his hand fall where his heart spoke to, and she told him no more. When Gareth the Younger accepted Ildranach back into the Twelve, she simply began to follow the youth.

Cliodhna could feel within the golden son of Gareth Daraghson and Alina d’Kanace the potential for greatness, or great horrors. She kept her dagger near, and she kept him close. As the corruption of the Formoi muddied the land itself, she found it was oddly comforting to keep physically close to the Prince. In the year after plague and poison ha devistated the crops and the hungry people were full of corruption, Prince Gareth was part of the ceremonies brought from otherworldly power to the Land to purify it. Though the Kanascan man had asked to keep the watchers of the true ceremony, beyond the hymns given the common folk, to the Royal Family, Cliodhna took part. It was something outside of the Land, to ring the amber-haired foreigner and sing while he dedicated a handful of scarlet gleaming seeds to the Lady of LIght, but she could taste the clarity in it.

As she began to wear the silver vines, she began to feel more of the world outside that clear-ice voice. She began to know more truly the young man she shadowed. Though her resolve to kill him if it became necessary did not waver, it pleased her to support him when he stood a shining figure on the battlefield during the battles with the South. It was not the voice of the Land that led her to sleep beside him, but her choice, though she told him nothing in the days when he would go stiff with nerves when he realized she was there.

As Garth entered his eighteenth year, she chose to give herself to him, and to share small parts of herself with him, outside of the sacred bonds of her duty. She showed him her little son, now nearly five, as they passed the village she left him in one day. She accepted his small gifts, for he would say that if she must ever be beside him, he would have her not look neglected. And she still, on occasion, lays the little dagger between him to remind him of what she is. It is a nebulous thing for most what has changed between the Stonedaughter and the Prince, but some notice small things.

Cliodhna d'Bryoni

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