Alina n'Kisara d'Bryoni a'Kanace

Eldest Scion of Kanace and Dowager Queen of Bryoni


Age: 42

Height/weight/appearance: 5’1, 110 lbs, fine and delicate features unusually youthful for one of her age, wide, violet-brown eyes so dark they are nearly black, gold-tinged swarthy skin, violet-brown hair that falls nearly to her feet when unbound, slender and lithe figure. Beautiful, though most decidedly similar to her eldest little brother, Jacob.


Sisterhood Training: Alina is an adept healer and skilled with elemental, enchantment, and divinitory magics. She can whistle up a wind effortlessly, make the earth to move at her whims, and call to hand weapons of ice and flame that will not touch her. She has mastery of a number of shields as well. She has a wide knowledge of herbs and reasonable knowledge of medicine, more advanced than that of Bryoni.

Brotherhood Combat Style: Alina traded medical knowledge with her eldest little brother for secret information on the pressure point holds and precise strikes used by Brotherhood mages and utilizes these in her own combat forms.

Limited Command: She is able to channel her power into short commands that can force the will of the weak-minded. This is usually short (1 -4 word) statements only, with heavy emphasis on the verb.

Lesser Truth: This is a very special art involving a magical sensitization to awaken awareness of very subtle shifts in the subject’s heartbeat and respiration. Sort of like a magical lie detector, that one must be trained to really be able to read.

Circle Leader: Alina can craft group linkages such as the Sisterhood frequently use and channel the power of her fellows through her, as well as signal for multi-part spells that involve complicated weavings.

Pledged of Bryoni: When Alina was made Queen, the Circle tested her and accepted her as one of their own, ceremonially binding her to the stones of the land. The ritual involved actually gives her a bonus to elemental spells performed while in Bryoni or within sight of her coast. (Note: She was eventually made higher circle, though the organization isn’t as tidy and fussy as Kanace’s. Inner Circle is seen by outsiders as her handmaidens and students, but it is really a more independant matter.)

Herbalist: Alina can distil potent medicines and poisons, as many poisons are simply just another dosage or blend of medicine. She is not above using mild paralytics in her hidden weapons she defends herself with.

Weapons training: Ali is adept with war fan, light daggers, specially designed combs, hand to hand, and longspear (the latter taught by her husband.)

Note: Currently a bit addled after the death of her husband a year and a half before.



Gareth the Younger: Son, age 22, light haired, violet eyed, slimmer build

Viviene: Daughter, 16, hair of kanace violet, eyes the same, small and delicate like her mother.

Lorelei: Daughter, 12, blonde hair, gray eyes with hints of lavendar, like cloudy faint amethyst. Strong, stout, and already larger than her mother.

Lif: Son, 5, premature birth. Kanace violet coloring, paler, poorly health, incredibly intelligent.

Aiden: Son, 2, fair skin, blonde hair, Kanace violet eyes, promises to be larger and stouter like Lorelei.


Aine: Girl, 2. Daughter of Gareth the Younger and Cliodhna. Fair hair, dark skin, Kanace violet eyes.

Alina n'Kisara d'Bryoni a'Kanace

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