Jacobus Kanace

Jacobus Quintis n'Kisara d'Kanace, erstwhile Black King of Kanace


Also Known As: Jake, Jacob, Quintis, the Black King

Current Alias: Jaques d’Badra

Age/appearance: 37 yrs old, 5’6, 130, dark dark violet-brown hair streaked with gray, violet-brown eyes with a flash of gold, dusky skin, fine features. Slender, stronger than he appears.

Brotherhood of the Directions trained: The Directions were the high mages of Kanace, led by the Cardinal (Lord North, Lady East, Lord West, and Lady South). The Brotherhood of the Directions dealt with enhancement potions, gathering knowledge, and study of high magery, while the Sisterhood dealt more with medical sciences, medicines, divination, enchantment, and countermagics. Each touched on a little of the other sides’ powers, however, and Jacob personally traded in what knowledge was forbidden the other side with his eldest sister. He was powerful enough to be a candidate for Lord West, but forfeited the place to serve as a Hand of Lord North.

Specialties: Conjuration (force, kinetic, cold, transportation, ward), Transmutive divination (he is very good at working out just what something is and how it works, though he can’t actually change the nature of it, only shape.) He can mask magical auras and recreate them, making false auras that defy wards and confound scrying.

Other schools available: Enchantment, Illusion, weak Divination, energy manipulation, some abjuration.
Note: Due to his connection to Liana Dior, tapping into power deeply strengthens the soul-bond between them and can at times physically affect her.


Jacobus is quite knowledgeable about animals magical and mundane, plants, magical history, and has reasonable knowledge of matters a royal son should know. He is an adept bone-set and herbalist, though he has no magical healing available whatsoever, and is a reasonable swordsman (heavy rapier). He is also adept at unarmed combat. His dancing, however, is indifferent, and his art is technically good but not beautiful.

Brotherhood Style— The Brotherhood of Mages specialize in a precise and unarmored combat style that involves discipline of the mind and grace. They utilize pressure points, strike points, and learn specific parts of a man that will render them helpless with minimal force. It is part of the overarching goal of the Brotherhood school: To make the body its most efficient, and break down matters of combat into simplest form.

Enhancement Potion— As part of this goal, the Brotherhood have a long tradition of creating specialized potions that can push a man well beyond his natural limits. Many would consider some of the most potent to be rather dangerous drugs. Potions of wakefulness, focus beyond normal human bonds, matters that sharpen the senses, matters that push one to feats of strength usually unknown… it is an art, among them. Of course, learning how to adapt such matters means that your average Brotherhood mage would also be a rather adept poisoner, able to weaken a man, throw them into a coma, et cetera.

In Jacob’s case, this knowledge is fortified by his secret studies into the more hidden elements of the Sisterhood’s healing matters and his studies into the medicines and drugs of lands beyond Kanace.

Loremaster knowledge— Having been a student for some time, Jacob’s knowledge is widely varied, strongly linked to matters of medical care, plant and animal lore, magical lore, and historical matters, but with snippets of this and that thrown in.

Soulbond— After massive damage to the substance of his soul and spirit, Jacob was bound in with Liana Dior. They are able to communicate for very short periods without outward spellwork, feel each other’s emotions to a very slight degree, and he is able to tap into the wellspring of magical potential Liana holds within her being.


By Liana Dior-

Deidre (died at 13 during the Fall of Haven, unknown to be his at the time.)

Donatien (currently 2)

By Khali / Christina-

Jacobus Octavius (Abomination, killed by William Kagae)


Jacobus the Fifth is the eldest son of King Jacobus the Fourth and the First Queen, Lady Kisara of Kanace (the King’s first cousin). He was the Crown Prince, but never had any ambition of becoming King. Eventually, he conspired with the third Queen, Liana Dior d’Kanace, to arrange for himself to publically step down and see to it the title was given to his third brother, Issac. A far more sutable candidate, in his opinion.

His motivations were his own, though if asked, he would explain that he felt he could serve Canace better by working with the Brotherhood, not distracted by matters of state, and that Issac had a far better head for such matters.

From the age of fifteen on, Jacobus trained under the Brotherhood. He was introduced to the truth of the Shrine at eighteen, and learned that the mother he believed to have been sacrificed to the Goddess that dwelt within the Shrine was encased there, magically suspended in the workings and serving as a prison of flesh for Canace.

Whatever his personal feelings on the matter, Jacobus believed that caring for the Shrine and Canace was in the best interest of his land. When Canace began to show signs of weakening, he was sworn to quest after a woman like their ancestress, a woman half-fae, born of faerie mother and potent. No mere child, but a truename, or Name, enfleshed.

This…did not work out so well. The captive Canace was released, the royal family tainted by a blood-curse, and all but Jacobus, Alina, Susana, Kiara, and Gwion perished in the course of the capital city’s destruction. Jacob was framed for orchestrating the debacle, and bounties were set for his siblings. He was claimed by another power, the corrupted fallen angel Khali, and warped into something inhuman, atop the other curse lain on him by the mother of the half-aurae he had tried to capture to protect his land’s way of life that was meant to keep him alive, to suffer and learn the consequences of his actions.

William Kagae (Wolf) defeated Khali in the great battle in the fields of Bryoni. The hold of Khali was broken. Jacob spent some time with Queen Kiara, kept as her ‘ward’. His soul has been damaged, and so he was sent on to stay with another who could work to patch it back together.

Now, hidden from the world and presumed dead by most of it, Jacobus Quintis lives as the unassuming herbalist Jaques d’Badra. He is bonded in Dh’asan ceremony to the ressurected Liana Dior. He, his wife, Kiara, and his distant cousin Piotr live with a cursed elven woman, who protects them and keeps the secret of their previous lives.

Jacobus Kanace

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